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Buying WAVES: WAVESBTC is going parabolic since posting a low of 2400 sats in November. WAVESBTC posted 500% Gains since its November lows & 200% gains in 13 days flat in December. Since posting a high of 12112, WAVESBTC is retracing down.

As of now, 7000 Area is acting as a support. A Long Entry Near the Support or break out of the lower trendline area may yield a quick 10-15% Profits with an ultimate potential of between 40-60% depending on the entry

Buy Zone 6000,7000 & 7500 Area with Targets above 9500-10100 Area. Move below 5900 invalidates the bullish bias. The Trade may last less than 30 days

Please do your own research & use proper money management & risk management before randomly trading based on any twitter calls including ours.

Please ensure you don’t end up following stale or expired trade ideas. Always double confirm the tech levels and price action as well as any further updates on the trade idea from any social media sources. Pls read our article & ensure you are always protecting your capital.

Legal Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Trade ideas are provided only for educational purposes.

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