ZEC USDT technical analysis

Buying ZECUSD – Buying on Break & Buying Dips

Buying ZECUSD on Confirmed Breakout.

Looking for Short Term 20-25% Upside with a potential 49% Upside if 200 DMA is tested. Extension gains of up to 93% possible, if Bitcoin breaks higher towards 350 DMA.

Buying ZECUSD on dips towards Up-trendline too.

Move below the up-trendline invalidates the bullish bias.

Yesterday our XLM Short didn’t work & closed for a 3% Stop Loss. A Lot of people commented they got burned, they got REKT, etc. Now if a 3% Stop Loss trade doesn’t work for you. I would recommend, do not take trading positions based on our recommendations. It’s obvious we don’t win 100% of the time. We believe as long as we win more than 60% of the time & achieve more than 1:2 Risk: Reward we can beat the markets. Please always do your own research before taking any traditional positions.

Most of you understand that this is Crypto & the market may behave irrationally, therefore don’t ever go all-in on single coins at a single price.

Buying ZECUSD – Buying on Break & Buying Dips

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