Steller XL- USD

Steller XLMUSD looks Juicy to SHORT

XLMUSD has pumped 55% after finding a bottom around the 0.073$ area. Steller posted a High of 0.98$ during the 2017 bull run and since then dropped more than 93% in value

Unlike many Shitcoins, Steller XMLUSD does have a working platform that is being used by many known names. On Medium Term, Steller remains a BUY on the dips towards 0.073-0.077 Area

We will post our BUY Entries soon. But for now, it looks like we are hitting some strong resistance around 0.117$ Area

Looks like a Juicy SHORT with a potential 1:3 1:6 Risk Reward

Steller XMLUSD – Trading View:

XLMUSD: Trading ViewNot sure which exchange allows you to SHORT it, so do enlighten us if you know any 🙂

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  1. Appreciate your work buddy but you should upload the images in a way we can actually zoom and see the prices on the chart..

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