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Expired or Stale Trade Ideas & Their Impact on Trading

If you are taking trade ideas from Twitter/Telegram/Discord Calls, Make Sure you check those calls & their validity. The calls are mostly issued based on technical levels & if they don’t trigger & technical levels change than entry logic for those calls needs to be revised/canceled.

Some tips for better trade ideas:

Don’t blindly open/close trades based on just one look at the information on social media. Find a mentor or group of people who are willing to help & learn the logic behind that trade.

Join discussion groups and get some validation for the trade ideas before clicking buttons. Remember it’s not supposed to be gambling. It’s investing and it does require some work from you.

If you follow Gurus on Twitter / Telegram / Discord, make sure to double confirm with them if the trade is valid or suspended. If you are in doubt simply stay out.

Plenty of free groups exist on telegram & discord who are willing to help each other. Comment your favorite one so others can take advantage. I personally like many and will try to create a list & post here.

There are plenty of resources on YouTube for free, I will try to curate and create a list of videos that can help new traders. Of course, there are affordable courses on Udemy as well as some niche educational platforms.

If you can afford to spend, there are some incredible guys out there who offer valuable trade ideas. (There is a lot of discussion on Twitter about Paid Groups being scammed, while it may be true partially, the truth is somewhere in the middle. I will address that separately with an article dedicated specifically to paid groups and how to detect scams).

All in all, it doesn’t matter how you learn & Gain your knowledge. What matters is you must try to learn as much as you can before relying blindly on random trade signals on twitter which may already have expired due to the price action for which they were intended to be issued in the first place.

And one last word for all Twitter Gurus, wherever possible, pls update your trade ideas as “executed” or “closed at profit” or “closed at SL” or “closed”.

And as Users pls check the entire timeline of your favorite twitter handles to ensure you have read everything that they wrote about that particular trade. There is a good chance someone said “I am buying XYZ” at 10.00 AM & also posted “I am not buying XYZ anymore” at 11.30 AM

If you read only the 10.00 AM post & act without the understanding of why he is taking that trade or If you miss his post about why he is not even taking the trade because circumstances changed, you are bound to lose some serious money.

You are at the highest risk of losing money if you end up trading based on expired trade ideas.

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Stay safe, be alert & be profitable

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7 thoughts on “Expired or Stale Trade Ideas & Their Impact on Trading”

  1. Another fantastic article and I echo everything in here. There are so many resources out there to which one can learn. Finding them out there is easy, sorting them out from good to bad is a real challenge!

    As always, thank for the read!

  2. Honestly, any “trader”trading on other people’s calls is doomed to failure…. let’s get real here, real traders who make real money wouldn’t waste their time babysitting on paid groups … when I started I joined many groups and was disappointed by ALL of them.

    1. There is a difference between Paid Signal Group & Paid Education. While I agree that most standalone signal groups are not much of a help, those who provide the education on how to trade & give you the tools to find trade setups may still be worth it priced correctly. Recently someone sent me a paid educator charging 15000$ now thats a rip off. So a reasonably priced education from credible people can still be an option aided by tools

      1. Agreed, even though in my opinion there are many books who can offer invaluable information and education with a more neutral and unbiased view. Take that training and then develop your own style spending countless hours on trading view
        The problem when joining a group who is willing to teach is that it is his/her style and it might not fit your style AT all.
        For instance, and it’s a good example because he’s an honest guy everyone loves on CT – myself included – and I joined his group last spring – ChartVampire… I litterally cannot digest his charting techniques! This technique works great for him I don’t deny it, but I stand by my beliefs that if he spends SO MUCH time doing all this for his group is because he earns more money this way than from actual trading gains.
        I also wonder why these guys would stick to crypto, an illiquid market that limits TA greatly, and not move on to equities or CFDs on indices etc… maybe because crypto is a market that attracts suckers who wouldn’t naturally be interested in traditional markets and are willing to pay for advice an calls simply because they have no idea what the heck they are doing…
        Basics of trading is preservation of capital… how can you pretend doing that in a market that has ridicule volume and when it moves it’s a double digit percentage move?

  3. I’ve been in a lot of groups and have taken a lot of courses, and I like Cryptolete’s the best. Young guy who never claims he’s the best trader but makes trading so easy to understand with his course and VIP group. I paid $297 a month to ILoveCrypto and lost a ton of money taking his calls last year. Also joined CryptoChoe’s group for $1000 a year and ended up losing a lot of money on his trades because he didn’t provide any educational material and his calls were super quick scalps. Eric’s slack is way better now and he helps out a lot and has some educational material now, so that’s great. But I learned the most on how to trade from Cryptolete’s course and VIP group for a third of the price of what I paid for everyone else’s groups.

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