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2nd Batch Registrations Open. Training with ChingasX

Training with ChingasX: Trading Room is proud to present one of a kind game-changer Technical Analysis Tool to Scan Price Action across different Timeframes. Read here to understand, how to use Price Action Scanner Please check Price Action Scanner here For now, this is only available on Website / Mobile Browsers. Mobile Apps will be available at a later date. I repeat we are not launching iOS or Android Apps yet. This is only available on Web / Mobile Browsers. Please bookmark the site
Get live Training with ChingasX on the following modules:
  • RSI Scanner
  • Moving Average Crossovers Scanner
  • LIVE Support & Resistance Levels
  • LIVE Bollinger Bands Width Scanner
  • Volume Scanner
  • Gainers & Losers across 12 Periods
  • New highs & Lows across 5 Periods
  • Market Activity Monitor
  • Discussion Groups & Forum
  • Social Media
  • News
If you want any more modules or if you have any suggestions for improvement, do send us an email to And last but not the least, please join our LIVE Webinar to learn how to use our tools as well as Technical Analysis in general. Our first batch is Full, Pls try the Second Batch Here Read this article to understand, how to use the Price Action Scanner effectively.
About Trading Room: 
Trading Room is a Fintech Media company. We are  innovating Technical Analysis tools & creating multiple platforms to help Traders & Investors to efficiently utilize their time to identify & execute Trade Setups. We intend to provide Free Education by using Sponsorship, Advertising & Crowd funding model. We will be using Google Adsense, as well as Direct Marketing. For Advertising & Sponsorship inquiries, pls contact Legal Disclaimer: All Information & Technical Analysis Modules are based on Proven Tech Analysis methods and strategies. However as always do your own research before taking any trading positions based on any on-line or social media posts including ours.

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  1. Thanks, i subscribed to the second batch ;-DD. Just a question : would it possible to record the webinar to allow ppl to see it again. As you could see i am not fluent in english and should perhaps hear it a second time to understand well ;-D ! Thanks for your great jobs guys and thanks by advance to ChingasX

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